Tuesday 28 December 2010


Because I was out of time before Christmas to get all my planned activities completed, I have decided that my Christmas gifts for my team at work will be "Seasons Greetings" gifts in the new year.  The thought and heart were there, but I just didn't get the time before I went on holidays to complete the project I planned instead of Christmas cards. 

For each member of my team, I have created the front inside cover of a notebook.  I will write a personal message on the back of this cover for each person, and they will then have my greetings as well as a notebook which will (hopefully) be more useful than a Christmas card, and might even last all year.

Here they are:

They are all different.  I have a particular favourite, but I won't tell you, so that you can choose your own!

I hope you like them, and I hope my team likes them too.  :-)

Here are the larger photos of each.

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