Monday 25 April 2011

Watercolour technique class

Several weeks ago I attended a watercolour technique class.  I had fun!  I still have one card left to complete, and I am eagerly awaiting the time that I and my stamping friends have the time to catch up to work on it.  :-)  I am showing you the three cards I did have time to complete.  The designs are by my friend Manda, the watercolouring is all mine.  I thought I'd better put pictures up of these before I give them all away. . .

I like this little truck. The hub caps, bumpers, and lights are shiny metallic.

After making this little monster, I have these monsters on my wishlist. Cute!

Tess is very cute. Check out Manda's paper-pieced version.

Watercolouring is great fun.  It is a more complex version of the colouring in I enjoyed as a young girl.  I hope you like these cards.


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