Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blog readers and more


I'm following up the options on what to replace Google Reader with, and have been playing with Feedly and now Bloglovin'  Does anyone have any opinions on these, or other options yet?

You'll find the link to Bloglovin' on my sidebar if you want to follow me there. :-)

I'm also looking into other options for my followers, if they need them, and have set up a Page in Facebook - Amusing Michelle I have no idea about Pages, so it might take me a little while to come up to speed there.

Hopefully in the next few months I'll settle into a new routine with my new browsers, and maybe I'll learn something about administering my Facebook page, LOL!

While I'm here, I'll share a card that I submitted to Holiday Cards, which wasn't selected for publication. I didn't expect publication on this one... it was the one card that I dashed off at the last minute, and I wasn't 100% happy. (Bad photo, too!)

Thanks for visiting!


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Tracey McNeely said...

Love your very graphic Christmas card Michelle, very cool! The jury is still out on what to do. I still, and always have, just log in to Blogger to view the blogs I follow and for updates.

Lynn said...

What a cool graphic card! Love it!

I haven't done anything on the readers yet...need to take a peek!

Jenny said...

Your modern stylised tree is great love the play with patterns :0)
I've never used a reader and have just installed Feedly on my iPad.... I'm lovin how user friendly it is.
I think it depends how and what type of gadget you use the most to blog hop!!
Jenny x

maria f. said...

Funny - I submitted a graphic tree - made with triangles too - and it wasn't accepted either ;) I'm clueless about your concerns about Google Reader. Is something changing/going away? I'm so technically inept - better go google it.

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, I like how you used the squares, Michelle!
Did you get any cards picked up for that one? I'd submitted 19 and got one accepted...

Unknown said...

Cool card! Too bad it didn't get picked :( I'm discovering that getting picked for publishing is HARD!
Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Looked around yours too and loved your work!! Will drop by often now!

Anonymous said...

It's their loss. Such a creative use of the stamps! I'm going to have to try this one out.