Tuesday 26 August 2014

Happy Birthday to my little girl


Today marks the beginning of our family birthday season. My little girl leads the way, celebrating her 7th birthday today! I'm next in a couple of weeks, then we squeeze in a wedding anniversary, then my eldest daughter, then the hubby. :-)  All within about 8 weeks. It's a rather busy time of year!

Back to my little girl. I bought a set of stamps to make her a ballerina card, because she loves ballet. A couple of weeks ago she described in major detail the card she wanted. It did NOT include a ballerina. Hmmmm, what to do.... make her TWO cards, of course!

This is my version.
And this is her custom order version - a unicorn on her favourite "flower".
I just know she will be thrilled! I'm pretty sure I followed her directions correctly, lol!

Tonight we are having the dinner she requested - lasagne followed by apple crumble for dessert - easy and delicious! She tells me that today at school she gets to wear the special "birthday girl" badge. I think her day is going to be perfect!

Happy Birthday, my little darling!



Lynn said...

I love the cards...so adorable. It's birthday and anniversary season at our house too! Crazy busy!

Tracey McNeely said...

Happy Birthday to your youngest daughter Michelle! I love both cards and I hope you gave her both! Aren't kids funny when we are sure about something and then they throw a curve ball! Happy early anniversary!

Shona Chambers said...

These are both so sweet!! I love the ballerina and you've coloured her beautifully. And love that you made a card just to her specifications. She will keep it forever I'm sure!