Saturday 2 July 2011

The lure of an empty whiteboard. . .


Well, this whiteboard is not white, but it IS a perspex notice board, and it WAS empty when I brought it home. . .

Yesterday I spent a lovely day chatting and creating this notice board.  I usually don't make 3D projects, in fact I don't usually make anything but cards with my papercrafting, mostly because anything beyond a card baffles my creative ability!  It takes me FOREVER to work out what I'm going to do, and then FOREVER to actually do it. LOL!  And then when I've created my version I look over at someone else's version and think, "Now, why didn't I think of that??".  Then I'm tempted to go and start again and create an altogether different version to one I made in the first place.  (This happens with cards also, but they usually don't take me as long to whip up a new one as a 3D project would).

Anyway, this is what I made yesterday (ignore the reflections, it IS perspex, after all).

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to put this together!  I had all sorts of advice to get to this stage (from kids and adults alike).  But, I quite like how it turned out. It's cute and it's pretty.

It took two 12" x 12" patterned paper sheets to build the stripey background, and then quite a bit of measuring and cutting and strategic glueing to build the frame. Then I had to do some colouring in, because some of the patterned extra bits had white instead of pink, and they didn't quite work. But it was all worth it in the end. :-)

So I brought it home, hung it in my kitchen to display it to everyone, and a few minutes later I came back to this.

I'll write you a translation, because this story gave me a big smile and big laugh. The words are as my big girl (8yo) wrote them, which happen to be a bit of "flow of consciousness writing" (much like her mother often writes, LOL).
"The day my remarkable mother did this (Indeed a remarkable stamper too) was the day (that is 1.7.11) that she did this, happened to be the day that (by the way this is very gross and I wasn't impressed!!) I got slobbered all the way up my arm and on my hand by (a dog) Coco and even worse I had liver treats in my hand so my hand and all the way up my arm IT all stank. Pewy!! :-(  Ichie!! :-(  " 
Then there are lots of Love U and Missed U messages for her Dad because he was coming home last night after a week away and the girls missed him.  My girls make me smile and they fill my heart with love.

Now back to housework, and perhaps a little stamping, for me.



Cassandra said...

Very nice, can you make me one????

Gibmiss said...

Hi Folly
Fab idea...
i have left you something on my Blog......
hugs #