Sunday, 10 August 2014

CASE Study 4th Anniversary Celebrations - Week 1


This month marks Case Study's 4th Anniversary. There is a month-long celebration happening with weekly blog hops and amazing prizes! I'm not hopping this week, it's my turn later in the month, but I still wanted to play along.

When I saw Laura's amazing card, inspiration struck. I didn't create exactly what was in my head, because I didn't quite have the supplies I needed... must be time to go shopping! :-)

This is my card, not a touch on Laura's original, of course!

This is Laura's card - rainbow CAS perfection. (If you want to Pin this, please go to Laura's page and pin from there.)

If you haven't already hopped along with the blog hop, I'd recommend you do. All of the cards are fantastic, with some super-spectacular ones thrown into the mix, and you get the chance to win awesome prizes!

Before I go, I have a couple of photos to share from the week-end. The first is a pheasant coucal who decided to visit yesterday. We have never seen one in our backyard before, so we were all out there watching until it decided to leave.
The other is a new photo of my chickens. Because I just know you love my chickens as much as I do. LOL!
Thank-you for coming to visit!



Lynn said...

Love your case of Laura's card...gorgeous spectrum of colors.

Monica Maier said...

Love the card and the chickens!

Unknown said...

What a fun surprise to this rainbow beauty!! Love the colorful overlapping apples! Your chickens are gorgeous!

Karen M said...

Your card is gorgeous Michelle and of course I love your cute chickens too:) hugs xx

Joyce said...

I just love your happy rainbow of apples.

Shona Chambers said...

Well, I've just seen you have a comment from Laura herself so your 'case' of her card must be perfect!! So funny we chose the same card. Its such a simple design yet I just can't stamp as well as her. Your apples look amazing and you have them lined up so perfectly. I think this could be a winner........

Andrea Ewen said...

Great composition! Love the colors, too! Just in time, too...for the kiddies to go back to school! :)