Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's Movie Time!


Part of my rare appearances here in blogland lately is the number of family events happening. One such event is in the future, but is taking a little bit of time to organise. My eldest daughter is planning a Movie Party with a friend to celebrate their 10th birthdays. I almost gave up on doing themed invitations, when at the last minute I found MFT Just The Ticket stamps and die set.  Right now, the two young girls in question are thinking I'm okay. ;-)

These are the invitations.
Although the design is fairly basic, it has taken quite a while to put them together. What made me think of die-cutting three tickets for each invitation? Or stamping over the entire back of the postcard? Really, sometimes I make work for myself, LOL!
 Lucky for me, I have had two little helpers to divide up the work with. They think all this die-cutting, stamping, and sticking is fun. :-)



Suzanne Russell said...

Love these invitations! What a fun party theme for 10 year olds-i know they are delighted to have these fun invites for their friends. Great job. : )

Tracey McNeely said...

Michelle these invitations are so darn cute! Great idea.

Darnell said...

I have to agree, you're AWESOME, Mom! Those invitations are the cutest and, more importantly, you get to have such fun creating them together with the girls!!

Jen W. said...

Definitely worth the effort - these rock! You are such an awesome mum!