Saturday, 19 November 2016

25 Days of Christmas Tags - Merry Christmas


I made two more tags for Tracey's 25 Days of Christmas Tags. I usually don't make enough tags for Christmas, so end up buying them. Tracey reminds me every year to make some extras! :-)
For these two tags I used Wplus9 Christmas Tag dies and Wplus9 Be Merry and Uniko Winter Foliage stamps.
My chickens woke me at 4.30am this morning with a giant squawking and then lots of crowing. I went outside to check on them and found one about 3 metres up a lattice, two more squawking in the yard, and one peacefully sitting inside the coop. I don't know what got them riled up, but I wasn't that pleased to be up at sunrise on Saturday morning. ;-)

Thanks for dropping by to visit. I'm off to keep working on my housework. My house is at a stage that I cannot ignore it any longer! No crafting until I get it under a little more control.



Darnell said...

These are crisp and classic and I love them, Michelle! I hope whatever danger riled up your chicks doesn't happen again! (BTW, excellent prioritizing making your pretty tags and THEN tackling the housework!) Hugs, Darnell

Kim Heggins said...

So sweet....two amazing and beautiful tags.

maria f. said...

I am such a sucker for traditional Christmas colors - love these! Hope all is well. Or at least weller in your house.