Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter is coming!


I actually published this over at my photo blog but I thought it was a little bit crafty, so I would share it here as well.

Today I am showing a tiny bit of "super-Mummy" powers.

First I will disclose that while I make cards, I am not a particularly crafty Mum, and my kids don't get to take cool gifts to school at Valentines or Christmas, etc. Usually I don't do anything at Easter either, because I'm a bit of a grouch and don't like my kids eating too much junk food and SO MANY kids give SO MUCH chocolate at Easter time! I can honestly say that each year we often still have Easter chocolate left over as Christmas approaches because we end up with so much given to us all. Crazy! Oh, I should also tell you, I'm not one of those women who swoon over chocolate. I can totally enjoy eating one box of chocolates over a period of months. Yes, I'm strange, LOL! Put a block of cheese in front of me with some crackers, and it is a very different story...

Back to Easter. Tomorrow is the last day of school before Easter break. I realised this tonight. And I remembered that I'd seen some cute Easter Egg Butterflies that I told my daughter I might make. She took this to mean that I would make them (and if she thinks I will, then I must). This is what I saw:
I don't have the right punches for this. Or the time and patience to make those cute antennae. So I took a short cut, and this is what I came up with:
They're little butterflies sitting on scallop circle flowers. :-)
They're colourful, aren't they?
I'm pretty sure I'll be my daughter's hero for at least five minutes tomorrow morning.



Unknown said...

FABULOUS idea Michelle, well done they are gorgeous Hugs Elaine

Wishcraft said...

They're fab Michelle, I bet your daughter will be so pleased with them :o) Lisa x

Jenny said...

Wow these are much more colourful and I'm sure your daughter will be proud to hand them out at school because you made them for her :0)
Jenny x

Teresa Zuehls said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I had to look up Brisbane so I had a little geography lesson. Your candy butterflies turned out so lovley! I am sure your daughters friends will love them and you will be known as the "Crafty Mom".