Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fusion - Paper Hearts


For Fusion Card Challenge I am using one of my watercolour pieces created during Online Card Classes Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques. I couldn't resist when I saw the inspiration, watercolour was the perfect choice!
To create this card, I traced around my heart dies to make the shapes and then watercoloured. For my perfectionist inner critic, it was really difficult to have my hearts imperfect, but at the same time, it's the imperfection that I really like in this card. Yes, I'm a little bit crazy. ;-)
How cool is this inspiration photo and sketch? Perfect for Valentine's cards!

WARNING: This bit is me moaning about the heat.
Speaking of cool, I'm super-envious of all of those snow photos I'm seeing from the northern hemisphere! Here in Brisbane we've had over a week of high temperatures with high humidity. The ceiling fans do nothing but move the hot, moist air around. I can't sleep. I feel physically ill from the heat and humidity. It's driving me crazy. Everything is wet! I keep hoping we'll get a giant thunderstorm that will blow in a cool change. I keep seeing the thunderstorms heading off in the distance - flashing lightning, giant clouds, and nothing for us! I whinge every time the weather gets like this. I'm not a fan of hot Summers, give me cold Winters any day! (We don't get those here, the coldest we get in Winter is just below 0 degrees celcius, definitely no snow.) Maybe soon we'll get those much needed rain storms to take away the heat, then I can cheer up! ;-)

Thanks for visiting! I hope you're inspired to join us at Fusion Challenge. I'll be looking for you in the gallery.



Michele K. Henderson said...

Beautiful card. Michelle! I love the look of these pretty watercolor hearts!
Take care!

Shelly said...

This is stunning, Michelle!! Love!
And I'm completely opposite of you! lol I'll complain about the cold but not about the heat and humidity! My family and I are totally beach bums, so the cold does not work for us! lol Though, we love our thunderstorms too!...Hopefully, you'll get some kind of relief for a bit! ;)

Julia Aston said...

Your watercoloring is beautiful on this!

sandie said...

I love this card. I really like how watercolouring kinda of forces us to let our inner control just go and the result is usually something we end up liking as this is just the ticket!

Cris G. said...

Yes, I love this card too. Somehow imperfection goes much better with watercolors than with other coloring mediums, don't you think?

Sarah G said...

So lovely and atmospheric....the watercolour hearts look fabulous! Wishing you a bit of cooler weather soon :)

Katie Ann Brooks said...

so pretty, I'd call them bleeding hearts! :)

Karren said...

These hearts are just amazing! Love this card! I hope you have cooler weather soon - here in NZ we've had the craziest summer, weather-wise. But no more than a few days of heat at a time before it turns cool again.