Thursday, 3 July 2014

Case Study 198


It's a new month and we have a new muse at Case Study Challenge. Our muse in July is the one and only Shari Carroll! This is exciting, but also a little daunting... for me. Shari's style is really different to my own, and is a style that I have not really experimented with. But, that is why I love Case Study so much. It really stretches me creatively.

The card that I made for this week has actually been under construction for months. I was halfway through and was not sure how to finish, so it has sat on my desk waiting... Along comes Shari's inspiration and I suddenly knew what I needed to do! I completely changed the elements around, added a pile of sequins, followed Shari's basic design, and my card was done. My version is a little brighter, busier, and crazier than Shari's, but I think you can probably still see where I was inspired, if you look closely, lol!
My card is made using Studio Calico Snippets paper and Teresa Collins sequins. No stamps!
This month is going to be awesome, I can already see it! I can't wait to see how you are all inspired by Shari. I am betting most of you won't go quite as bright as I did. ;-)

Onto local news, Winter finally arrived. Thank goodness! The Southern Alps received about 2 metres of snow last week. They had grass and dirt before the blizzard(s) arrived. The Australian ski season opened with no snow! And then the snow came, two weeks after opening, and it's fabulous!!! And I'm stuck about 1500km north of the snow, feeling the cold winds, and WISHING I could afford to spend several weeks skiing. It happens every year - the snow arrives, and I wish I could be there. Many years ago (in the early '90s) I worked in Jindabyne for a ski season. It has stayed with me, the joy, the fun, the relaxed lifestyle. I think I infected my husband when I took him skiing in New Zealand. The thrill of skiing is truly addictive! In a very good way. ;-) We took our girls last year. They're addicted now, too. Now, to win the lottery...

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~amy~ said...

Excited to be working with you! I love your fun card...the colors and sequins are so much fun!

Tenia Nelson said...

AWESOME card, Miss Lady!! :)

Jacquie Southas said...

Great collage!

I Card Everyone said...

This was worth the wait, Michelle! I went skiing once and was very grateful when I reached the bottom of the bunny hill =] So scary for me!! But can understand why you love it!

Love your card... and do think you are very amusing..
=] Michele